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Interns are generally not fully qualified or experienced – hence doing an internship. Occasionally (especially when working in a foreign country) they can run into difficulties and situations which they are unfamiliar with. Rather than jumping to their aid without consideration for the root-cause of an issue – INI adopts a 'mentoring' approach to issues & difficulties. Our experience allows us to guide and encourage each intern to resolve their own issues and face their own difficulties, which is far more beneficial to the intern than removing the issue instantly. As the expression goes... "give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish and you feed him for life" - we don't hand out free fish at INI, we give the best fishing lessons in town!!

We can quickly identify small issues and anticipate any escallation in how severe the resulting 'problem' may become. This allows us to 'act' rather than 'react' when faced with a potential problem.

Support with INI

In a real emergency outside office hours, who should an intern contact? An employee who has been designated to carry the company 'emergency mobile' for that week/month? Or, the Managing Director of the company? Our MD (David) has no problem for each intern to receive his personal mobile phone number – just in case they have an emergency, and it's always switched on!

Need to satisfy bureaucracy? INI is very familiar with University and Mobility Training Agreements/Contracts, Europass Documentation, Attendance Records, Public Authority paperwork requirements, Letters of Intent, Group Price Quotations, etc.

Sometimes it doesn't work out (2% of internships for us), and we can understand this due to the individuality of each intern on the programme. In such cases when it's necessary to change an internship – INI looks at everything that contributed to the breakdown of the first internship, we consult the participant about their internship goals, and make sure the second internship has very little possibility of repeating the same format as the first!