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This section deals with questions you may have as an agency curious about working with InternNational Ireland and what kind of service we provide.

What type of programmes do you offer? »

Experiential Learning Programmes - Unpaid Work Experience, Internship, Stage, Praktikum, Training Period, etc. All are basically the same type of programme and InternNational Ireland is at the forefront of their development in Ireland.

In which sectors are placements available? »

Most professional office based placements are available in a broad range of sectors, as are some technical sectors, these include, but are not limited to:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Law
  • Office Administration
  • Finance/Accounting/Insurance
  • Human Resources & Recruitment
  • IT/Webdesign/Software/Digital Media
  • Education & Social Science
  • Logistics
  • Architecture & Design
  • Tourism, Hospitality, & Events
  • Engineering & Science (subject to minimum duration)
  • Childcare (subject to qualifications & police clearance)
  • PR/Communications
  • Film & Media
  • Photography
  • Healthcare Administration
  • ...and many more!
How long does it take to source a placement? »

Depending on the availability of any particular sector - combined with the education, experience, English level of the applicant, and duration of the stay - the amount of time required to source a placement can be anything from several days to several weeks! We do ask that as much advance notice is given (ideally 8-12 weeks) to ensure a complete search is made on behalf of the applicant. Generally approx 3 weeks is the average time it takes to place an intern.

What is the minimum & maximum age limit for applicants? »

The minimum age is 18 years old and there is no maximum age for doing an internship! You're never to old to learn! The minimum age can be flexible provided written permission is granted by a parent or guardian allowing the applicant to embark on such an independent programme.

What if you fail to find a placement? »

It takes us several days, a lot of discussion, and an occasional feeling of bewilderment to come to a conclusions as to why we haven't succeeded to secure an internship...Normally at the time of booking, the chances for gaining a placement in the desired sector will be advised within 24 hours. However, we do aim to place 100% of applicants. If a placement cannot be sourced then this difficulty will be advised in advance and alternative options will be recommended. If we fail completely, then we charge nothing.. we don't charge a search fee.. it's a placement fee.

Can any sector be chosen and guaranteed? »

Unfortunately it is not always possible to guarantee the first choice of placement... this can be for many reasons as mentioned in 'question 3'. It is advisable that applicants make three sector choices in order of preference. If the first choice is not available, the second, and then third options will be attempted. It is very important that applicants are aware of their choices and willing to accept any of the three with the knowledge that the order of their preference has been respected and may or may not have been possible. Choices listed for preference number two/three should not be listed with the idea that these are not realistic options for the internship.

Is any payment offered to applicants by Host Companies? »

Generally No. In Ireland internships are unpaid. However, some companies will provide the cost of a local bus/rail card for the applicant during their stay. Other benefits may be awarded based on performance, or relevant to the sector of the placement (e.g. Hospitality placements normally provide meals on duty etc). Asking companies to provide payment would detract from the nature of the programme and some companies who may not be in a position to offer payment may be more frequently overlooked by applicants despite perhaps offering a very good level of experience.

What type of accommodation is available? »

Host Families and Self-Catering accommodation is available. The availability of short-term apartments (less than 6 months) is low during the academic year and very high from late May to early September. During the academic year such Self-Catering accommodation is booked on a first-come-first-serve basis.

What happens if an intern is asked to leave their placement? »

This is quite a serious situation as Host Companies are normally quite flexible with interns. To be fired from a job which you are not being paid to do, must be a result of misconduct and an investigation will be required before another placement is sought.

What happens if an intern wants to quit their placement? »

Firstly a reason will be sought and the correct procedure to resolve the situation will be followed. This involves the intern firstly raising the issue with their supervisor, if this yields no positive result then InternNational Ireland will attempt to resolve the situation, finally if no positive solution is made then another placement will be sought. Please remember that reasons for quitting a placement should be valid - if for example an intern's expectations are greater than their ability to perform certain tasks, then this will be advised to the intern and options for an alternative solution will be provided.

Do you provide support or monitoring? »

Yes, on various levels, such as a 24-hour emergency contact service for issues outside normal office hours and which cannot wait to be resolved by the next working day – every intern is given INI's Managing Director's personal mobile number for this, our staff are happy to hand this number out as it's a measure of how reliable we need to be! If the interns have any difficulties during their stay they can contact InternNational Ireland by e-mail or phone for support. Periodically, the placement will be monitored to ensure both the intern and the Host Company are satisfied. We will also endeavour to ensure no individual intern will feel isolated and will offer to put them in contact with other interns – we organise social evenings regularly and these are always attended by the Managing Director or another member of the INI team – go team!!

How do you manage cancellations? »

Please take a look at our Fees & Terms for information relating to cancellations.

What about certification/validation of the placement? »

At INI we eat bureaucracy for breakfast! Training Agreements, Europass Applications, University Contracts/Criteria, Final Reports, etc... we've done them all and although they are not our favourite past-time, we understand why they are important. It is normal also that an applicant can request a 'Reference Letter' from their supervisor upon completion of their stay.

What is the minimum & maximum duration/stay? »

The minimum duration is 4 weeks (full-time) and the maximum is unlimited. A longer stay is more attractive for Host Companies and can allow the applicant to gain more responsibility over the duration of the placement. Shorter stays may be possible by special request at certain 'quiet' times of the year.

Are any sectors 'impossible'? »

Yes, of course, we're realists - not magicians... Any sector where there is a high risk of injury or a greater risk to the Health & Safety of an intern are normally not available, for example - at INI's office, or working with machinery which the intern is not qualified to operate, areas where contamination of produce could occur, etc. In addition, sectors which require a higher level of security such as banks, airports, INI's office, etc are also extremely difficult to attain.

Can you provide language courses? »

Absolutely, we have a good relationship with many of the language academies in Dublin and can provide official language courses for any duration from one week to one year! We decide to operate in this way because the schools we work with do a very good job at language tuition – in return they work with us for their internship requirements as this is what we do best. Neither organisation desiring to 'dilute' their resources which may affect the quality of their main business.

What other services are available? »

Various other services are already in place such as airport transfers for groups and individuals, mobile phones/SIM cards, International calling cards, etc are all available – basically if it's legal and we haven't tried it & failed before, we'll do our best to make it possible.

Why should I work with InternNational Ireland over another agency? »

You won't really find that out until you have worked with someone else and also with INI... we can tell you how good we are, but so can everyone else... the service you receive will be efficient and always communicative. InternNational Ireland will constantly self-evaluate the service on offer in order to allow the programme to develop and evolve as naturally as genetically modified fruit, meaning – we won't sit around and wait, we prefer to push the development of internships. Your comments and feedback will also provide a valuable resource towards expanding internships in Ireland. We like negative feedback, it helps us to identify problem areas.

Do you accept bookings directly from the general public? »

Yes, but only from Ireland and other countries where we have no commercial partner present. As the prices we list are 'nett' of commission, it is important not to reveal these to the public - should we receive an enquiry from the general public in a country where a Partner Agency exists, then we will recommend that they contact you and not entertain the idea of taking that booking directly. Really, we can't be the competition for our own partners.

Do you accept group bookings? »

Absolutely, group enquiries are always welcome and we can put together a special package to suit most needs. Groups can range in size from 4 people to 50 people! We can also assist in the arrangement of agreements/contracts, etc for groups or individuals on specially funded programmes.

What time is best to make a booking? »

14h00/2pm (just after lunch) on a Friday before a bank-holiday – it puts us all in a great mood for the weekend! If that's not possible then winter time is traditionally the most quiet period and summer is the most busy. However internships are available all year round and we make the best efforts possible to ensure we maintain enough contact with Host Companies to fit with the high demand for placements during the busier periods. Each year we analyse the booking-trends and sector requests to decide on how many companies/sectors we should anticipate a demand for the following year – and recruit new companies based on this information.

Do you send Irish students to other countries on similar programmes? »

Yes, currently to just a few select destinations but we are very interested to learn more about the possibilities for internship, volunteer, and work programmes in all countries. INI is one of the only agencies who offer this service for students & graduates who are studying or resident in Ireland.