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Programmes - London

Centre of the Great British Empire, home to the Queen, 'proper' English accents, and playground of Austin Powers – it's London baby! We should honestly leave this descriptive part blank as London needs absolutely no introduction... so we will..... (cue 'hold'/elevator music while you picture all London has to offer... Big Ben... The West End... Tower Of London... Buckingham Palace... Covent Garden... British Museum... approx 80000 umbrellas lost annually on London Underground...)

Points to Note:

  • Internships available in nearly all business sectors - technical/engineering/scientific internships available on request.
  • Choice of accommodation options: Host Family accommodation, student apartments.
  • Largest internship destination in the UK great social scene, vibrant and varied nightlife & fantastic opportunity to network with other interns.
  • Good access from nearly all cities to London Airports, good connections from London to all other parts of UK.

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