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So you need a place to live during your internship, a place to hang your hat... but where?? INI provides accommodation in either Homestay (meals provided) or Self-Catering Apartments/Houses. Each one of our carefully selected accommodation solutions has been chosen by hand and is guaranteed to be more comfortable than sleeping on the street, in a dumpster, under a bridge, on a soiled mattress beside the motorway, or in a burnt out car.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each form of accommodation – more independence with a Self-Catering arrangement, greater feeling of security in a homestay, meals prepared in a homestay, new/changing flatmates in a Self-Catering apartment.

Homestay is typically living within the home of a Host 'Family' ('family' being anything from single parents, retired couples without children at home, single ladies, traditional family units, etc – it's difficult to put a standard on what is a 'normal family' these days!). Self-Catering accommodation constitutes Guesthouses, Student Residences/Dorms, Private Rented Apartments, Short-term Serviced Apartments, etc...

INI can advise the best possible solution for your accommodation needs, and best of all, you can book the service through us! For the full duration of your stay, or just for a portion of the overall time spent doing the internship.

Not all destinations offer both types of accommodation for several reasons relating to size of the city, availability of affordable short-term rented accommodation, proximity to companies, etc... check out our Fees & Terms for the most up-to-date information on the various accommodation options. Once we have secured your internship, we can let you know what the best options are for accommodation.

Please note, if you decide to sleep in a dumpster - rubbish collections happen during early morning, so please be careful!