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How to Apply

This is the easy part! Application for the internship programme could not be simpler - and if you are applying from outside Ireland you should get in contact with us first as we work with a network of very reliable Partner Agencies in many countries around the world - they have experience in sending interns abroad and can give you the best advice, in your own language, specific to your country, on how to prepare for your stay.

Otherwise, if you are applying directly with INI then we need just a few small documents to satisfy the bureaucratic apetite of the programme - lucky for you, bureaucracy in our office is always on a diet and we try to keep the paperwork to a minimum!

Here's what you need to do

Step 1

Go to our Downloads Section, get a copy of the Application Form, and return it to us completed with relevant information. Alternatively get in touch with us first if you want to have a chat about anything related to your application.

Step 2

Once we have received your completed application we will contact you to confirm everything is in order - and if we have any questions for you, we'll ask. At this stage to proceed further we will need a signed Service Agreement and Booking Deposit (the nasty stuff!).

Step 3

Continue your daily life/routine and let the staff at INI use their extensive experience and business contacts to secure that internship. Failing this we will embark on a more agressive approach involving a series of bribes, 'encouragement' (because we don't like the word 'threaten'), begging, and copious amounts of luck - all with your best interests in mind!

Step 4

If a company requires an interview (telephone or in person) we'll organise it. Some companies don't require this and in such cases it's an immediate process of confirming the internship. Once everyone's happy then we just wait for the start of the internship and the beginning of one of the best decisions you have made recently!

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