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At INI we believe in giving back, that's why we've created this section... all the documents on this page (without exception) are yours to download... FREE of charge... use them as you wish, read them, save them, print them, leave them sitting on your hard-drive or memory stick for no reason... doesn't matter because it's all FREE!

Note to competitor agencies: we know you like to copy our stuff, we've seen it on your websites, please continue to do so as your leisure - after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

European Curriculum Vitae Format

This document is an example of how to lay out your Curriculum Vitae in the European way.


European Reference For Language Ability

This document is the European Reference For Language Ability


Terms & Conditions

This is the Terms & Conditions document download


Intern Booking Form

A PDF file of the Booking Form