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Interns, they're great aren't they? An intern is a very useful asset to a company – they are young and inexperienced enough to be satisfied with doing all the jobs that regular employees don't want to do – photocopying, filing, making tea/coffee, doing the post, sorting the paper-clips – pretty much anything which doesn't require much skill or training... a fantastic solution to not hiring someone, maybe even a cost effective way to run your company, occasionally a thoughtful way to replace staff who have parted company with your business/organisation.

If you agree with this then we would be delighted for one of our competitors to hear from you today!

If however, like INI you understand that internships have evolved since the stone-age mentality above, and internships are now a means for companies to become involved with the academic process of learning by offering practical experience to young and motivated individuals – then you have come to the right place! Internships can be hugely rewarding for both the Host Company and the intern. By the very nature of the internship programme, a company who invests just a little time in training their intern into a role will benefit from the presence of that intern. Employers are also ensuring that their 'best practice' is being passed-on, and the graduates of tomorrow maintain a strong interest in that company's sector... allowing the sector to grow and evolve in the best possible way - by producing graduates with real-world experience. So go ahead... pass on that baton of knowledge! Can you really afford not to?

Download our 'Intern Instruction Manual for Employers' to learn how you can get the most out of your intern and the internship experience.

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