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Thank you for this opportunity, I've never been happier and I mean it.Christophe, Participant, Belgium

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What To Expect

Expect your intern to be interested in the work you have to offer. Expect that they will ask questions and that they will seek your guidance as an experienced professional in their sector of interest.

From INI you can expect a good flow of communication and support throughout the whole process before, during, and after the internship.

Expect fair and honest advice when you are considering to take an intern.

Expect also that you will have our support in the event you get an unruly intern, because there's nothing worse than an intern who thinks they deserve your job over you or one of your staff. We're here for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, even on Christmas & Easter! Don't believe us? We, the staff at INI, are confident enough in the service we provide to Host Companies, and in the interns we send, that we would even hand out the MD's personal mobile phone number to anyone who feels they need it.

Expect INI to contact you on a regular basis with updates of interns who are available and may be of interest to you. Occasionally expect us to send you applicants directly who appear to be a perfect match to your company – and in such cases, when the placement works out exceptionally well, and you can't believe how lucky you've been...

...then expect to buy us a cup of coffee!

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