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How It Works

It's probably true to a certain extent that interns need Host Companies more than Host Companies need interns – and by taking an intern you are demonstrating the dedication that interns need from the business world.

INI receives applications from students & graduates from Ireland, and from our network of Partner Agencies around the world for international students & graduates. Through experience we match the intern with the Host Company in the same way a reliable recruitment agency presents employees to a company – but without the attached fee for the employer. We try to keep it as simple as possible and promote the 'purest' form of internships which is – The company affords an opportunity to an individual who wants to gain experience or develop their skills within the company's sector/field while contributing to the company's general operation.

How it works with INI

This all sounds great, and employers often ask... "So what's in it for you?" or "How do you make your crust?" - the truth is that we do it for the love of interns; aha, let's remove ambiguity from that claim...not in exchange for love from the interns themselves (that would be an unusual business model!), but more so out of the goodness of our addition to a small internship placement fee. Interns have two options to find an internship: directly by themselves, or through an agency like INI.

Our service benefits employers by removing the administrative work normally associated with organising internships such as – filtering applications so you get the most relevant candidates, administrative work to organise interviews, confirm and organise start date & time, collection of reference letters if required by employer. We also assist as an impartial mediator if there is an issue with the internship or the intern.