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Self Catering

Self Catering Apartment, Halls of Residence, Campus Accommodation, Off-Campus Accommodation, Guest House, Studio, etc – if you have it and are interested to rent it for a few weeks to a few months – then we want to hear from you now!

This type of accommodation is becoming so popular we are having trouble keeping up with demand from our interns. Typically we're seeking a solution to short-term rentals without having the obligation of a long-term contract. Most interns apply individually, so single rooms are most favourable & commonly requested.

Price is another important factor, but equally as important as hygene and comfort. We're not talking The Ritz here.... as comfortable bed, wardrobe, desk & chair are the basics needed.

'Quality' is a matter of opinion, but what constitutes 'clean' is pretty universal. So clean, comfortable and affordable are three major considerations for interns.

We need such accommodation in all parts of Dublin as our interns are placed into companies most relevant to their skills & requirements. Proximity to the city centre is also good but not always necessary. INI looks after rent collection from interns and payment to the landlord or management company – no worries about late or missed rent payments. Best of all, we don't charge you anything.

Get in contact with us today to register your property or residence and get those spare rooms filled!