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We need nice Host Families – by 'nice' we mean those who are willing to treat an intern as one of the family... and while we don't literally expect you to be familiar with having a foreign adult child of your own... just being nice will go a long way to making the stay more comfortable for everyone.

It can be a very good source of supplementary income for any family to host an intern, not to mention the additional cultural benefits that come with hosting an individual from another country.

When operated in the right way, the experience can be ultimately fulfilling and good feedback from interns to INI ensures that you will be considered again sooner rather than later!

Homestay Standards

Most interns are students and don't require a high level of luxury... The most common request is for a single room with half-board meal basis (breakfast & evening meal), their needs are simple and most important things for them are:

  • A clean room, comfortable bed, and a place to hang their clothes.
  • A warm welcome, a feeling of 'home', and a decent home-cooked meal each day.
  • A family who will take a moment to speak with them about general things and ask how their day was, what they are doing on the weekend, etc...

Download the 'Homestay Guide for Hosts' for a more insightful look into what we know works, and what we know doesn't work, when hosting an intern. It's an honest and blunt guide based on real situations experienced by interns.