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This section allows us to celebritise INI based on our own self-righteous opinion – however, we have learned over the years that our opinion doesn't really count for all that much. What's important is that we do less speaking and more listening to the needs and requirements of everyone else involved with the programme – Host Companies/Employers, interns, and Partner Agencies/Schools.

INI's values have not changed since opening it's doors in 2007 – our mission at that stage was to be at the forefront of internship development in Ireland. This is something which is only limited in time by the evolution of the internship programme itself. Our service to all parties involved is one of transparency and honesty. Our approach is to assist and mentor.

We also don't take ourselves too seriously (as you may have guessed!), if we reminded ourselves that we are indeed the best at what we do, then we may begin to believe it ourselves! This will only serve to make us complacent and give birth to the thought that INI develops internships... rather than the fact that internships develop INI.

Find out more about us and don't be afraid to say 'hello' if you are curious about learning more.

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