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David      from the INI team


Chief Bottle Washer at INI, educated in electronics and over 10 years experience in organising internhships means that David is good at 'talking the talk' and not so bad at resolving problems either. He's your man for finding out more about the programmes we run. He is a gadget freak and we think he can actually connect via Bluetooth... His ideal internship would be as a photographer for National Geographic. Who would he like to have a drink with? His cat, if he could talk, David would like to know what he has to say and what he does at night... The craziest thing David ever did was a bungee jump.

Olga       from the INI team


The Real Boss at INI, a background in linguistics and experience working in everything means that Olga is ultimately organised and keeps everything in the office under control. She's your girl for accommodation and office policy. She has a super-human ability to sniff out a sale, and yes 50%-off does mean you should buy twice as much! We refer to it as... 'combat-shopping'. Her ideal internship would be as a forensic detective. Who would she like to have a drink with? Mr Big from SATC, mmmmm... The craziest thing Olga ever did was – nothing, Olga doesn't do crazy!

Edel       from the INI team


Internship Organiser Extrodinaire at INI, a background and experience hospitality & events means that Edel has seen and heard it all before – she's a walking knowledge-base. She's your girl for internships, even the difficult ones! Edel has a sweet tooth and is made of chocolate & Jelly-Tots! She's aged somewhere between 18-35 and her ideal internship would in Animal Rescue (preferably animals lost in chocolate factories!). Who would she like to have a drink with? Danny Dyer, ggrrrr!... The craziest thing Edel ever did was start work at INI.

Frank      from the INI team


The Numbers Man at INI, we found an extrovert accountant (one who looks at your shoes when talking to you) and shackled him to the wall in the office basement – such beings should be neither seen nor heard! He communicates in numbers and doesn't sleep until something balances... all that said, he's a wizard with accounts and fits perfectly into INI. His ideal internship would be as an accountant. Who would he like to have a drink with? Anyone, he'd be very sociable if we allowed him out!... The craziest thing Frank ever did was deliberately leave a blank stub in his cheque-book... (gasp!)