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I had an amazing time and loved both my job and host family!! Thanks so much for helping make this an unforgettable experience.Meg, Participant, USA

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The INI Brand

The tag-line says it all:

bridging the gap between courses and careers

In 2007 after a very long courtship and some light flirtation (due to both being unfamiliar but curious of each other), Business & Studies got together and had a child, they called it INI.

Since then INI has grown to become one of the leading providers of Internships in Ireland. Quality & Reliability are the foundations our company is built on... so we decided to build a bridge upon these foundations... our logo.

The INI logo

The INI logo has many meanings – the colours symbolising strength & relaibility (blues), and youth & fun (yellow).. we're not totally sure what the brown colour means, but it's a really nice shade of brown. It takes our initials and uses them to symbolise not only our 'bridge', but two individuals – one from the professional world (light blue) and the other from the world of studies & academia (yellow) – joined by a strong link (INI) to form the overall image of our bridge.

Bridges seldom fall of their own accord, but undergo refurbishment & sometimes additional design to bring them up-to-date... this symbol confirms INI's ambition to last the test of time and remain true to our foundations, yet evolve & develop so as to remain current, functional, and instrumental in our field.

Apart from Enthusiasts of Bridges... who would have realised, that bridges could be so... inspiring.