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Thank you for this opportunity, I've never been happier and I mean it.Christophe, Participant, Belgium

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Stuff We Like

Demon Design

Demon Design –
Thinking outside the box, always!! It's not just a mentality
with these guys, it's almost like a medical condition!!
because they want to hear from interns who are seeking jobs after the internship. Informative website too.

Arrange My World –
You wouldn't store your important documents here because you're going to lose your National ID Card or Passport.... but then again you don't buy car insurance because you're going to crash either...

Hotpress Magazine –
Because there's just no reason not to like these guys!
because we don't understand just how they managed to cram so much information on to one website. Perplexing...

'Other' stuff we like:

  • The Dublin Spire – because it's a pointless monument...
  • Snowy days, sunny days
  • The 'snooze' button
  • WHEN our biscuit tin is full
  • Itsa...Bagel for lunch everyday
  • Weekends!
  • Interns (but we couldn't eat a whole one!)
  • Google
  • Wikipedia
  • Knowledge
  • Sarcasm
  • Friday afternoon 'meltdowns'